GroupPictureAbout Us! :)

Green Cuisine is a student-run business. We embraced the concept of eating green back in 2000 and we've been in business ever since. Located right 55 Lexington Ave, New York, we offer many varieties of fresh and exotic sandwiches and many more vegetarian and vegan dishes that will quell your hunger and leave you feeling great.

The meals here are served with nothing but fresh (and we’re talking really REALLY FRESH) fruits & vegetables, just as you’d expect. Our chefs personally procure fresh ingredients from the local farmers market every morning.

In 2000, our families thought we were crazy for wanting to open a restaurant offering only vegetables. But after 13 years of hard work and results, Green Cuisine has been dubbed “The best place to dine if you want to live a longer, healthy and disease-free life.” by New York Times.  Today, we have fifteen chain restaurants all around United States and are planning to exploring the possibility of going international .


GroupPictureOur Restaurant

Green Cuisine began as a community of healthy food lovers who got together to provide the world with the information needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We often went around discovering new places and events and introduced them to our audience around the world. After many years of tasting and reviews, we decided that we wanted a bigger presence in the world of green cuisine and so we decided on a new venture --- a venture to start our own restaurant and to materialize the myriad of ideas and recipes we had collected throughout the years.

In order for us to make this dream into reality, we had to learn many competencies dealing with the service industry which was the equivalent of rocket science for us, but after a few months, we pulled through. In March of 2013, we had opened the first ever community funded vegetarian restaurant.